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Sewer lines acquire build up over time, it’s inevitable. It happens and there’s not much you can do to stop it, but you can use sewer jetting services to ensure that all of the build up is removed in a single visit. There are all kinds of things that can obstruct water and liquid waste from getting through the lines of your sewer system and when that happens, a clog occurs that can cause even more damage if it’s not dealt with immediately. Water jetting is a process that involves shooting water through the lines with specialized equipment, high- velocity water jetting technology and other machines, solve the problem without hassle, and less burden on your checkbook.

Water Jetting

Sewer Jetting Clears More Than Buildup

Drain Cleaning your sewer system may extend beyond getting buildup out of the lines. Tree roots have a tendency to obstruct lines and sewer jetting can fix this problem before it becomes disastrous. The high -velocity water jetting equipment can remove tree roots from your sewer lines without worry that the removal will damage your system. When you find out that there are tree roots obstructing your sewer lines, the news can be frustrating because you know you didn’t do anything to make that happen. Water jetting services are the answer that will ease those frustrations so that the job can get done and your lines can be clear.

Water Jetting Services Are Cheaper Than DIY

While you may be tempted to go about cleaning up your sewer system by yourself, there are several reasons why water jetting services are the way to go over DIY this case. There are some manuals and tutorials that might walk you through the ways you can clean up your system on your own but none of them bear the power that high- velocity water jetting equipment delivers. This is the main reason that calling the professionals is the best way to get your system cleaned up quickly and without adding any damage to the lines in the process. Some other reasons include:

  • Cost effectiveness (renting or buying what you need costs far more than using water jetting services)
  • Safety concerns
  • Insurance headaches involved with DIY
  • The possibility of incurring further damage to your system
  • Likeliness of breaking expensive tools used to clear the lines
  • May cause damage to surrounding areas
  • You could end up having to replace your entire system
  • The professionals can discern other problems you may not see
  • Other tools may be necessary that you don’t have access to
  • City ordinances may require a license for this type of work

High-Velocity Water Jetting Keeps Lines In Good Working Order

You may have had your system for only a few months or a few decades and either way problems can occur that sewer jetting will solve. Don’t ever settle for anything less than the most professional service because keeping your lines in good working order is absolutely worth the time and money you’ll spend on water jetting services. Your high-velocity water jetting specialist can talk you through how often you’ll need to have services performed for your system and when you should call for help. Once you have the information and you get a schedule as well as signs you need to look out for, you’ll see how easy it is to keep your system in good working order for a lifetime.

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