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An inspection camera has become a highly valuable tool in the plumbing business. The specially made waterproof cameras allow plumbers to visually inspect your sewer lines and other underground pipes, in cement and under the property’s foundation. Our professionally skilled and trained technicians will insert a flexible rod with a high-resolution inspection camera on the tip into pipes from 2 inches to about 36 inches in diameter. The flexible rod means the camera can travel through to the pipe and even around corners. The real-time video images allow technicians to determine the condition of the pipes internally and figure out any existing problems. The camera inspection takes the guesswork out of identifying your problems. Radio transmitters on the cameras can record the physical location and depth from the surface of any obstructions or defects so that the technician can accurately diagnose and fix drain line concerns.

Identify a Range of Issues with a Pipe Inspection Camera

An inspection with a pipe inspection camera can identify all sorts of problems, including misaligned pipes, root intrusion, punctured, broken, corroded, or off-grade pipes. The video inspection camera can also detect leaks, obstructions, and grease buildup. Our plumbers can repeat the inspection after any service to make sure that the line has been properly repaired and cleaned. A camera inspection is highly recommended if you are experiencing repeated drain line backups, clogs, and slow drains. Furthermore, a camera inspection before purchasing a home will ensure that the sewer lines are free of problems that can lead to expensive repairs once you move in.

There Are Variety of Uses for a Sewer Inspection Camera

A video inspection camera can be used to locate lost jewelry, valuables, and even animals that have became trapped or lost in pipes. Ben Manis Plumbing’s plumbers are dedicated to the efficiency and accuracy of your plumbing services. That is why we make use of a sewer inspection camera to get to the root of your plumbing and sewerage issues and fix them as quickly and accurately as possible. With the camera, we can determine exactly what the cause of your plumbing problem is, where it is located, and also as a way to help prevent future problems.

Why Customers Request a Plumbing Camera Inspection

Aside from being a non-invasive and cost-efficient way of figuring out your plumbing problems, a plumbing camera inspection is requested for a range of reasons.

  • A video inspection camera can help retrieve lost items, saving you time and money.
  • To inspect potential homes. We can help you ensure you won’t inherit plumbing problems from previous owners.
  • Inspecting septic systems. Check out the health of your septic system and know when repairs are required.
  • Remodeling inspections. Before adding a bathroom or remodeling a kitchen, ensure your plumbing system can withstand new additions.
  • Inspect the nature of damage or clogs
  • Determine the area of the clog or damage
  • Determine the types of pipes used
  • Locate pipes in walls or underground
  • Recognize problem areas before there are clogs or damage
  • Check conditions of older sewer systems and pipes
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