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Choosing a faucet can be daunting. There are so many materials, finishes, and styles to choose from and you are going to have to live with your choice for a long time. Many people want their faucets based on looks alone, and that can be a mistake. Looks are certainly important, but you can get the overall look you want without having to compromise on long-term dependability and convenience. If you are considering faucet installation, we specialize in kitchen faucet installation, shower faucet installation, bathroom faucet installation, and even outdoor faucet installation. As for budgeting, plan to spend around $65 for bathroom faucets and anywhere from $100 for kitchen varieties. You could get great faucets for less, but they may well be low-quality. Spend too much, and you’re merely paying for additional features and styles as opposed to durability and reliability.

Faucet Installation

What to Consider for a Kitchen Faucet Installation?

A kitchen faucet’s function is to dispense hot and cold water primarily for washing food, dishes and hands. Beyond that, it can also define your kitchen design. Sink-mounted faucets are a popular kitchen faucet installation, but if you are upgrading your sink faucet, make sure you check how many mounting holes there are. Newer faucets come in one, two, three and four-hole varieties. When you replace an existing faucet that necessitates fewer holes than you have, look for new faucets that have an escutcheon plate to cover the unneeded sink holes. This is an excellent way to quickly and affordably upgrade a room.

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Bathroom Faucet Installation – How to Choose a Faucet

When it comes to bathroom faucet installation and shower faucet installation, consider single vs. multiple handles, spout heights and reach, the number of holes in the basin or shower head, and conventional vs. pull-down sprayers. Faucet spouts can vary in reach and height. Usually, you can choose the look you like best, but if you have a shelf on top of your bath or shower, a tall spout may not fit well. In fact, a tub faucet with a shorter reach could lead to water splashing behind the spout when you wash your hands.

Do You Need Outdoor Faucet Installation for Your Home?

Outdoor faucets can freeze and rust over time. If you require outdoor faucet installation, give our expert plumbers a call, and they will be able to advise on the best faucets for your outdoor space and install them for you. Ceramic valves are particularly attractive as they remain drip-free for years. It is a good idea to choose a finish that matches the aesthetic of your home. Different finishes include:

  • Chrome – this is a durable finish and very easy to keep clean. It is ideal for kitchen faucet installation and bathroom faucet installation.
  • Nickel – these finishes are usually satin, stainless steel, or brushed and offer a dull shine. They work well for shower faucet installation and outdoor faucet installation.
  • Bronze – these faucets have a brownish tone, and the surface is usually an epoxy coating, making it ideal for outdoor faucet installation.
  • Brass – this is more durable than gold.
  • Stainless steel – perfect for modern homes.
  • Antique finish – this makes faucets look distressed.
  • Zinc – tends to erode quickly and requires regular replacing.
  • Satin finish – these faucets have a matt appearance and are easier to keep clean
  • Brushed finish – this finish has a slight texture to it.
  • Polished finish – make metal faucets shine and gleam.

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