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Toilet Repair

There are few sounds more dreadful than a constantly malfunctioning toilet. While everyone else hears running water, you probably listen to the sound of your hard-earned money being flushed down the drain. Compared to the various uses for water in your home, a leaky toilet can do most damage, wasting hundreds of gallons of water every day. The leaks can add up, affecting your pocket and the environment. The signs that you need a toilet repair are usually audible. A toilet that turns on and off without even being flushed, or the sounds of running water in the tank when it is not in use, are both signs that your toilet needs repairing. We specialize in toilet flange repair, toilet tank repair, and toilet plumbing repair.

Toilet Flange Repair – Is Your Broken? Give Us a Call

A bust toilet flange can seem pretty serious at first, as replacing it involves opening up the ceiling or floor to expose your piping. However, there are products on the market designed to conduct a toilet flange repair instead of having to replace it. We can fix your flange quickly and easily with minimal disruption to your household. We are also able to do a general toilet plumbing repair and toilet tank repair. We have all the tools necessary to ensure your repair is done timeously.

Toilet Tank Repair

Is It Time for a Toilet Tank Repair? No Problem!

What causes a toilet to leak? Anything from incorrect parts, to worn out parts, and faulty installation can result in a leak or unnecessary amounts of water being wasted. If your tank continues running even when the toilet is not in use, it is time to consider a toilet tank repair. Our professional plumbing experts will work meticulously to ensure your leaks are stopped, and parts replaced so that you don’t waste any more money on high utility bills.

Here’s how to tell if your toilet is leaking:

  • The toilet is always running – if your toilet is running even when it hasn’t been used, you may need a toilet plumbing repair.
  • The toilet won’t flush all the way – this usually means it is time for a toilet tank repair.
  • A clogged toilet – this is usually the result of an obstruction in the pipe.
  • Tank takes too long to fill – you may need a toilet flange repair.
  • The tank is leaking – you may have loose tank bolts.
  • A “wobbly” base – if the toilet is unstable, it may need a few bolts tightening.
  • Water efficiency – older toilets use more water to flush than newer models. Replacing the toilet could reduce your water bill.
  • The chain sticks – if the toilet chain tends to stick it could result in constant running water.
  • There is a leak around the base – you may need to take a closer look at the pipes.
  • The toilet is overflowing – it’s time to call the experts!

Toilet Plumbing Repair Done Right the First Time

Whether you require toilet tank repair, toilet flange repair or a general toilet plumbing repair, give us a call, and we will attend to your problem right away.

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