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We Conduct a Sewer Lateral Cleanout with a Private Camera

A sewer lateral is an underground pipe. The pipe connects a residence or business to the main sewer line in your area. Often, local governments consider either part or all of the line to be the property, and therefore the responsibility, of the business or homeowner. The private-owned underground section of the lateral is often taken for granted until a problem arises, like raw sewage backing up your pipes that need a cleanout. There is a range of things that can block your sewer system, including tissues, foreign objects, diapers, and cat litter. What’s more, oil and grease and poor installation can all result in the pipes clogging up. Ben Manis Plumbing uses an inspection camera to quickly determine the problem and then fix it in compliance with local regulations.

Let Us Use Our Camera for a Thorough Sewer Lateral Inspection on Your Sewer Line

During a sewer lateral inspection, our qualified and friendly plumbers will use professional plumbing equipment, such as a line camera to conduct an inspection. We use the equipment to help us locate damage, clogs, and leaks, and also to test any areas of concern. We sometimes use a plumbing snake, too, to break through a clog, and then use a hydro-jetter to power-spray the debris and grease away. With wear and tear, the lines on your real estate are sure to clog, crack, or develop holes. Give us a call to help take care of your pipes.

We Repair Lateral Sewer Line Problems. Call Today

We use our inspection cameras to carefully inspect your lateral sewer line problems and determine what requires replacement and what need a repair. With the help of our top-quality equipment, we can also locate lost items that are trapped in your pipeline. Our fully qualified and insured plumbers will work quickly and thoroughly to get to the root of your problems and repair and replace necessary parts. If your sewer pipes are showings signs of a problem, contact us, and we will come out at a time that suits you to inspect the line and find the problem.

Municipality or Township Required Lateral Inspections

More and more local municipalities and townships are requiring homeowners to obtain an inspection of their sewer lateral when selling or refinancing their home. This process allows these townships to minimize unwanted additional inflow to waste treatment centers by having homeowners identify and correct inflow and intrusion problems. Ben Manis Plumbing has technicians certified by the National Sewer Services Companies organization, the premier organization in the field, that will use closed-circuit television technology to video inspect your lateral and provide the necessary documentation to your municipality or township. Our plumbers can also use these recordings to correct any problems that may be identified.

Line Inspection and Sewer Lateral Cost – We Can Help

If you do need a line inspection, you may be wondering about sewer line cost. But, when it comes to the safety and operation of your sewers, Ben Manis Plumbing will work quickly, carefully, and cost-effectively to fix your problems. Thanks to high-quality cameras, we can identify a wide range of issues, detect leaks, grease buildup, and even obstructions. Our team of reliable plumbers can carry out services, repairs, and replacements, to ensure your sewerage and system works the way it is supposed to.

You may need to call us if you notice any of these signs and we will discuss sewer line cost with you:

  • Recurring blockages within your lines
  • You need to repair older sewer pipes
  • You require replacement of slow draining pipes
  • You want us to carry out an inspection of backflows
  • You notice backups
  • Your pipes are still blocked after hydro-jetting attempts
  • Your toilets are battling to flush
  • You notice signs of corrosion
  • Your indoor drains smell
  • There’s a break in the pipeline system
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