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Do You Need Your Water Line Looked At?

Your entire lifestyle depends on adequate running water in your home. Whether you need water line repairs or services for your residential water lines, Ben Manis Plumbing has you covered. Installing new water lines takes a great deal of skill and experience and we have what it takes to handle most plumbing issues with competence and professionalism. We pride ourselves on offering our customers excellent service and exceed their expectations in all we do. Have your new water line installed or repaired by our qualified team. When an underground line breaks below your property, you are going to need a team of experts on the scene as soon as possible to repair it. That’s where we come in. We are an established, licensed, and bonded, plumbing company with all the tools needed for fast, accurate repairs just when you need them the most. 

Water Line

How to Tell If You Need Water Line Repairs

The number one cause of broken residential water lines is natural wear and tear. Most water line repairs happen after about 60 years but this can fluctuate depending on plumbing accuracy. Electrolysis is less common cause of line breaks and copper pipes are more likely to be affected due to the metal’s electrical conductivity. If a plumber has previously used tools that contain metals different to your pipes, a chemical reaction can occur. This can also happen if you and your neighbor’s pipes are too close together. A break in your lines can result in running water and when unnecessary water is lost, the first place you may notice it is on your water bill. Wet areas around your home along with an unexplainably high bill are a big indication of leaks. Furthermore, a drop in water pressure throughout the entire home can also indicate a break in the lines.

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Signs that You Require a Water Line Replacement

Sometimes the problem is bigger and requires more than water line repairs. You may require a water line replacement if you notice a rust-brown tint in your water. This discoloration occurs because of the kind of pipes you have and the dirt, soil, and corrosion that may be entering the cracks. Also, soggy spots on the lawn, when it hasn’t rained in some time, this is an indicator that your line is cracked and leaking water below your lawn’s surface. Finally, a drop in water pressure could indicate that you are losing water through a cracked line.

Why You Would Need Water Line Insulation

  • Prevent heat loss from the water line between the faucets and water heater
  • Keep residential water lines from freezing over in winter
  • Save energy
  • Decrease the heating bill
  • Reduce the expansion of pipes
  • Reduce the contraction of pipes when temperatures change
  • Avoid needing water line repairs by preventing burns when hot water pipes become exposed
  • Control condensation
  • Keep the hot water pipes insulated from the water heater all the way to their destination
  • Reduce loss of heat

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