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Get the Best Sink Installation Services in Philadelphia

Do you need kitchen or bathroom sink installation services for your new home or to replace your old sink with a new one? It is important to choose professional plumbing services. You’ll find them at Ben Manis Plumbing. 

We are one of the best-reputed companies in Philadelphia, and we will gladly assist you with everything you need, from confirming that your old sink needs replacement to letting you test and continue to enjoy your new bathroom fixture. 

You can count on us for both pedestal sink installation and floor sink installation. To ensure a smooth and convenient service, don’t hesitate to reach out as soon as the kitchen or bathroom construction works are complete, or at the first signs that your old sink needs replacement! 

This could mean: 

  • Leaking that reappears, perhaps in different parts, after several repair attempts
  • Worn enamel in a decades-old or heavily used sink
  • Deeply embedded discoloration or stains that cannot be removed by cleaning
  • Rust invading stainless steel as a result of cleaning with corrosive chemicals

Our sink installation specialists will take care of everything and make sure you’ll enjoy your new sink for years to come. 

Why Choose Professional Bathroom or Kitchen Sink Installation Services?

You may be tempted to work with amateurs or turn your bathroom or kitchen sink installation into a DIY project. Don’t! You risk damage to the countertop or to the sink itself, and any error can cause a disaster. 

Just imagine water flooding your floors and damaging your furniture and bursting pipes. Even if you do everything right, chances are that some carpentry work will be needed as well. Do you have the tools, skills, and know-how to provide it? 

Besides, your time costs money as well, so why waste it and risk subpar results when you can put it to better use and let professionals work their magic? The least you can do before making a decision is to assess the implications, namely the bathroom or kitchen sink installation cost.

How Much Does Sink Installation Cost?

The easiest way to assess the financial implications of your project is to request a sink installation cost estimate based on your project’s specifics. That’s because several factors influence the final sink installation cost. Here are the most important: 

  • Whether you’re installing a new sink from scratch or replacing the one you already have
  • Types of sink, faucet, and other materials
  • Additional works required (installing a garbage disposal, water heater connections, etc.)
  • Pipework and connections required
  • Installation space (bathroom vs. kitchen, moving space available) and location. 

The list could continue but you surely get the message. Don’t waste your time making assumptions and taking chances. Contact us at 267-627-2756 and we’ll provide the bathroom or kitchen sink installation cost estimate you need. If you find it worth paying, we’ll gladly come to help you. No matter if you live in Huntingdon Valley, Elkins Park, or Warminster, PA, we’ll have your sink ready to use in no time. 

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Roberta H.
After repeated attempts by amateurs to fix an issue with my washing machine, they came out and removed the old hook up connection and replaced it with a new, less complicated outlet box. Once completed the washer still was not working; they took the time to diagnose the issue and were able to resolve the problem. Very pleased and will hire again.
Allan M.
Excellent customer service! Exceptional and friendly service and great price! Was quite a bit later than the appointment time of 10 AM but I did tell them any time was fine [i was in no rush]. They did call me a number of times to inform me as to when they would be here. David came, introduced himself [very nice]. Had to replace some parts inside the toilet which I already had and reset the toilet [as the bolts anchoring the toilet to the floor rusted out [toilet wobbling]. Replaced wax ring and bolts! Toilet now good as new! Will definitely use Ben Manis Plumbing in the future !
Bill E.
As a Realtor I sold a house to a young couple, where the seller was supposed to remedy the water pressure. After settlement, the water pressure was still low so I sent Ben Manis over. Ben found that the water meter was missing! The home inspector and seller's plumber both missed it. Needless to say, the water authority was there within 20 minutes to install a meter. If it weren't for Ben, the buyers could have been sold a $1500 water pressure system and would have possibly faced fines and back bills when the water department finally caught up. Honesty, integrity and attention to detail are hard to find. No one is perfect but Manis Plumbing is the best there is.
Rex T.
Called Sunday person that answered the phone was very professional. I told her the problem and explained it wasn't an emergency. They called me Monday morning and within an hour or two the problem as handled for a very reasonable cost. Really great workers very friendly and courteous. Very good company I'm glad I hired them
Angela W.
The plumber was very friendly and knowledgeable. I had a stopped kitchen sink which has a garbage disposal on it. He explained in details about my concerns about how garbage disposals work, and also explained what should and should not go in them. He accessed the problem and within a few minutes he had unclogged my drain. And, he cleaned my sink out which he didn't have to. I am very happy with Ben Manis Plumbing service as well as the plumbing technician, Eric Mendez.
James G.
Christopher of Ben Manis appeared on time, was extremely polite and efficient, explained what needed to be done and then proceeded to complete the repair. He cleaned up afterwards and left the area in excellent condition. I would highly recommend this company, and particularly, Christopher most heartily.